Aaron Kipnis, Ph. D.

Aaron Kipnis, Ph.D. is past president of The Fatherhood Coalition. He is the author of Knights Without Armor, co-author of What Women and Men Really Want, and has written many book chapters and articles on topics concerning male roles and relationships.

 Dr. Kipnis is currently on the core faculty of Pacifica Graduate Institute where he trains graduate students in clinical and depth psychology. He is an international speaker and consultant on  male psychology to myriad professional organizations, universities and training  institutes. His most recent book is: Angry Young Men: How Parents, Teachers, and  Counselors can Help "Bad Boys" become Good Men. (Jossey-Bass Publishers, Oct.,  1999

Elizabeth Herron, M.A.

Elizabeth Herron, M.A. is an educator, trainer and consultant with over twenty years of experience teaching women's psychology and male-female communications. Elizabeth has  appeared on a variety of television and radio programs as an expert on gender-related issues, including The Today Show, Sonya Live, and Donahue. She has also been interviewed by national publications such as Elle,  Cosmopolitan, Reader's Digest as well as the Boston Globe, the San Francisco Examiner, and the Washington Post.  Currently, she  works as a psychology instructor at Santa Barbara City College, the County Jail and Pacifica Graduate Institute.

Elizabeth is the author of numerous articles and is co-author of What Women and Men Really Want: Creating Deeper Love and Understanding In Our Relationships.  Elizabeth also conducts a private consulting practice that supports women in developing their innate power and beauty. She is the mother of two fierce and beautiful young women and grandmother of one.

Gordon Dalbey Ph. D.

Thirteen years ago, Gordon Dalbey's first book Healing the Masculine Soul pioneered the growing Christian men's movement, by calling men to a godly strength--neither the violent, loner male of the 50's nor the peace-and-love male of the 60's. His unique focus has stirred men of all ages, races, and position. His groundbreaking 1990 Focus on the Family radio interviews drew a listener response in the top 10% of the show's history. In 1992, Gordon's second book Father & Son: The Wound, the Healing, the Call to Manhood portrayed healing for the crippling father-wound in men today. Shortly after, he keynoted at the first Promise Keepers conference (Boulder '92). Fight like a Man, released in 1995, proclaims a New Covenant manhood in the Father's grace and truth--and freedom from the shame of trying to measure up to impossible standards. In 1996, Father & Son was revised and re-released in paperback as Sons of the Father.

A popular speaker at conferences and retreats, and on radio and TV shows, Gordon has ministered widely around the US, Canada, England, Australia, and Hong Kong. A former news reporter (Charlotte, NC), Peace Corps Volunteer (Nigeria), high school teacher (San Francisco, Chicago), and pastor (Los  Angeles), he holds an M.Div. from Harvard, an M.A. in journalism from Stanford, and a B.A. in mathematics from Duke.

Gordon now divides his ministry time between writing, conference speaking, and a private  practice in prayer ministry. He lives in Santa Barbara, California, with his wife and son.