Father Facts
from Father Facts, 3rd Edition, National Fatherhood Initiative

Currently, more than half of America's children are without their fathers for some portion of their childhood, leading the world in fatherlesssness. Numerous studies indicate that father absence has serious ill effects, significantly contributing to higher rates of:

o Youth suicide
o Unintended pregnancy
o Drug and alcohol abuse
o Gang involvement and violence
o Educational failure
o Poverty and mental illness
o Delinquency and incarceration
o Child abuse and neglect

1) Abuse
Children in single parent homes have:
-120% greater risk of being endangered by some form of child abuse, including a 77% greater risk of being physically abused.

2) Poverty
-Fatherless children are five times as likely to live in poverty, and ten times as likely to be extremely poor.
-The median income of a fatherless home is one third that of a father-present home.

3) Teen Pregnancy
-Fatherless  adolescents engage in sexual activity significantly earlier and are much more likely to have unwanted pregnancies.
-Fatherless teenage girls are three times more likely to have intercourse before their 16th  birthday.

4) Violence and gang involvement
-Fatherlessness is the highest predictor of juvenile violence, beyond poverty and race.
-Fatherless teen girls are three times more likely to become chronic  juvenile offenders.
-Fatherless teen boys are ten times more likely to become chronic juvenile offenders.

5) Education
Children in fatherless families have:
-Lower grades
-Poorer attendance
- Are twice as likely to drop out of school
-Lower intelligence test scores
-More disruptive classroom behavior
-Increased involvement in school violence
-More likely to repeat grades
-Three times the suspension and expulsion rate
-Lower aspirations for continued education

6) Drug and Alcohol Abuse
-Children in fatherless families are twice as likely to use illegal drugs, alcohol or  tobacco.

7) Youth Suicide
-Fatherless adolescents, particularly white males, are at increased risk for suicide.