The two branches of the ‘Fatherhood Movement’:

1) Fathers’ Rights Movement :

This is often about the struggle that goes on between the mother and the father around issues of divorce settlement and child custody. The problem is that the father can get so wrapped up in his angry dealings with his spouse and the deep hurt that they are feeling that his relationship with his kids can suffer. These are important issues and need to be addressed in a way that is not prejudicial to either the mom or dad. We offer support and referrals here.

Here are some for the Santa Barbara area:

~Family Court Services
(Family Law Facilitator)
SB Superior Court (Mediation)
1100 Anacapa St. (Court House)
Walk-in clinic: 568-3175
Children in the Middle class: 560-8656

~Child Support Division of SB

~Legal Aid Foundation
301 E. Canon Perdido

~Lawyer Referral Service

~We The People

~SB County Commissioner
Colleen Stearn? (new)
Hears child support matters


2) How to Be the Best Possible Dad :

With family breakup, this is where we concentrate on keeping the relationship with our children healthy and uncontaminated by the struggles mentioned above. It is also about decoding the ‘Operator’s Manual’ and finding both the innate and the lost knowledge and wisdom that it takes to be what we were meant to be. Of course, I don’t have to be in a divorce to need this.


Fatherhood Coalition National Fatherhood Initiative
600 Eden Road - Building E
PO Box 22015, SB 93121Lancaster, PA 17601